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Granite is an excellent product for use in kitchens and other food preparation areas. Like any other countertop material, if cleaned regularly and sealed properly granite poses no health or sanitation problems. Marble is not recommended for use in the kitchen because of its tendency to stain and scratch. However, because of its unparalleled beauty and classic look, marble is an excellent choice for vanities, wet bars, and especially fireplace surrounds.

Granite is ideal for kitchens because under normal conditions it will not burn and it will not be harmed by hot pans or open flames. Marble should not be used in kitchens as excessive heat can cause damage and potentially leave scars or burn marks. Neither material is flammable.

Granite is a very dense material and under normal conditions it is chip and scratch resistant. However, we do not recommend a straight edge polish for countertops, especially around a sink because pots, pans, and other heavy objects may chip the sharp edge of a straight edge finish. Several other edge options are available that will look beautiful and reduce the chance of chipping.

Marble and granite are porous materials and therefore, are subject to staining if not maintained properly. In most cases, stains can be prevented by quickly wiping the spill. If a spill is left overnight, especially if the liquid is grease, oil, coffee, or wine the granite will usually darken. To remove the stain, a poultice should be applied, which may pull out the stain from the granite. Marble can be stained and etched by acidic or oil-based products.

Masterpieces seals granite and marble to help reduce the chance of staining. To further prevent staining you should wipe up spills on marble and granite as quickly as possible, and resealed every 6 monts, avoid using acidic or oil-based products on marble.

Yes, because it is an effective method of protecting your granite. It will prevent water and oil-based liquids from staining the stone.

If some damage does occur, granite usually can be repaired by a mix of epoxy and ground-up chips of granite.

Masterpieces offers the straight edge, pencil round, half and full bullnose, bevel and ogee edges. If you are interested in other edge profiles, please discuss your options with a Masterpieces sales associate. To view these edges, please visit the Edge Finishes page in our Stone Library.

Slab size may not be large enough for the entire run of the countertop. The weight of the material may dictate that seams are inserted so that the structural integrity of the material is not jeopardized. The cabinet structure, placement of cooktops, or other cutouts may require seams. Access to the job or layout of the countertops may be limited and/or difficult to work with. The type of material may require seams to maintain the structural integrity of the material. Tightness of seam will not to exceed 1/16″-1/8″ width. Seam is sealed with a moisture-proof epoxy that is color-matched to the material to minimize visibility. Masterpieces project managers will work with the Dealer and the client in every way possible to ensure that seams are kept to a minimum and are discreetly placed, while still maintaining the structural integrity of the stone.

There are several variables that affect the pricing of granite and marble. The material is priced by the square foot and these costs are dependent on the product’s standard availability and the origin of material. The edge profile is priced by the linear foot. Additional costs, such as cooktop or sink cutouts, fabrication costs, and special requests are priced separately.

Not all granites are the same and consumers must be careful when they are comparing the same granites with different vendors. Quality stone includes clear crystals, a smooth surface with even polish, and a good polish without swirl marks from the polisher. The quality of the installation is just as important as the quality of the material. An excellent installation consists of a job that fits well as a result of accurate templating and good installation, highly polished, straight edges, and a timely installation, with no hassles and a quick response to all situations.

Masterpieces recommends that customers visit either our showroom or one of our distributors to hand select their material.  Customers will be shown different “lots” of the same granite and the customer can select which lot they prefer.


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